Joanna Gaines' 'mesmerizing' garden is the perfect example of how to grow cut spring flowers at home
Joanna Gaines' 'mesmerizing' garden is the perfect example of how to grow cut spring flowers at home
Jun 19, 2024 4:17 AM

It will come as no surprise that Joanna Gaines has created a perfect flower garden for spring at her farm.

Featuring a collection of seasonal flowers, her colorful spring blooms provide a beautiful insight into what can be achieved when planning a cut flower garden.

'Enclosed in the most charming white fence, Joanna Gaines flower garden is a thing of mesmerizing beauty,' says Rachel Bull, florist and Head of Gardens at Homes Gardens.

In a video shared on her Instagram, the Fixer Upper star's flower garden shows rows of raised beds that house carpets of blooms in shades of pink, orange, cream and dark purple. Joanna shows us the different flowers she has grown, including tulips, anemones and ranunculus.

'These early spring bloomers are grown from either bulbs or rhizomes. They do not like being sat in waterlogged soil over the winter, which is why growing them in raised beds, like Joanna has done, makes perfect gardening sense,' says Rachel.

Growing cut flowers in a raised bed garden is an effective way to monitor moisture and nutrient levels; something much trickier to manage if these flowers were planted in the ground.

'The floriferous results are plain to see. Observing these flower beds blooming under a canopy of pear blossom is a picture perfect spring scene,' Rachel adds.

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