This designer's 'every seat needs a surface' rule has changed my living room layout forever – here's what I mean
This designer's 'every seat needs a surface' rule has changed my living room layout forever – here's what I mean
Jun 19, 2024 3:50 AM

If your home is anything like mine, the living room is one of the hardest working spaces that needs a clever layout.

I live in a fairly small apartment so naturally, my living room which also doubles as our dining space is the most used room. From relaxing in front of the TV to entertaining guests, my living room needs to be just as functional as stylish in its layout.

Because of this, I'm always looking for useful tips from interior designers that can help me create the best living room layout, and interior designer Jordan Samson is the latest expert I'm turning to. Taking to Instagram, the designer shared a video in which he lists useful decor rules to avoid making any living room design mistakes, and within them, one stood out which has proven to elevate my home.

Jordan mentions some wonderful advice to help avoid living room faux pas, including the classic mistake we all make of pushing all your furniture up against the walls.

'Next is making sure that every seat has a surface,' Jordan says. By this, the design expert means that every seating area whether a sofa, armchair, or accent chair should have a surface area within reach.

'Nobody wants to put their drink or book on the floor so including cocktail or side tables will give everyone access to a surface,' continues Jordan.

This advice is something that, unknowingly, I've been embracing in my small living room while its decor has evolved over the last couple of years. Originally, the only smaller accent table I had in the space was a coffee table, but, over time, I've added two additional side tables of different styles and heights to accompany various seating.

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