Zendaya taps into the subtle power of this accessory to ensure her neutral living room is never boring
Zendaya taps into the subtle power of this accessory to ensure her neutral living room is never boring
Jun 19, 2024 2:57 AM

The benefits of a neutral color palette are abundant, but arguably, nowhere showcases its beauty like Zendaya's Brooklyn living room. The Dune actress chose a scheme that allows the city to do almost all the talking (perks of living above the East River), but despite the somewhat distracting view, there's still some room for her accessories to take center stage.

Being Zendaya, the actress could naturally have her pick of any furnishings, but her collection of cushions is arguably the most impactful of all. The cushions (best seen on the second slide of the photo carousel below) subtly dress Zendaya's dark living room sofa, but despite their discreetness, their rich balance in the cream room while the striped pattern adds instant interest against the surrounding block tones.

The room is a reminder that even the most simple accessories offer a transformative change in textures, and it's refreshingly easy to follow suit. Unsurprisingly, David Harris, the design director atAndrew Martin, agrees.

'Adding vibrant cushions is a simple and inexpensive way to inject a bold hit of color into a neutral room,' Harris says. However, their power also extends beyond neutral spaces like Zendaya's.

'If the room is already colorful, rather than using shades that match your existing scheme, opt for complementary hues to create a sense of cohesiveness. Choose cushions with piping in a contrasting shade as these little details draw the eye,' he explains. 'Monochrome cushions also make a statement as the absence of color can be just as striking as its presence.'

Colors aside, Harris explains that mixing patterns is another way to create a statement with our cushions. 'Don't be afraid to mix patterns cushions are a great way to introduce pattern into a room,' he says.

'From florals and ikats to geometrics and animal motifs, there is a great deal to choose from. Combine different patterns to make a strong style statement. To avoid overwhelming a room, mix large-scale patterns with smaller-scale prints.'

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