DIY Hanging Mail Organizer
DIY Hanging Mail Organizer
May 24, 2024 7:14 PM

In many homes, mail has a tendency to pile up and cause a cluttered look in entryways, kitchen tables, or home offices. Sorting each item, paying each bill, and shredding the rest right away isn’t always an option. So it’s important to have some kind of organization system to keep your mail out of the way until you have the time to take care of each item properly. Here’s an easy DIY for a pocketed mail organizer you can hang on the wall in any room in your home.

diy hanging mail organizer

DIY Hanging Mail Organizer – supplies:

At least three sheets of feltA needle and thread OR hot glueA standard wire hanger

The mail organizer shown in these photos uses three sheets of standard felt and has three pockets. You can add more pockets by simply adding extra sheets of felt below the three. But for now we will stick with the three pockets for the sake of simplicity.

diy mail holder

Cut one of the sheets of felt in half and stitch or glue it to the bottom half of another sheet of felt, leaving the top part open to create a pocket. I would recommend stitching the felt together so that it’s more durable, but the one shown uses glue because it is being used as just a temporary mail solution. Then take the second full sheet of felt and overlap it over half of the first pocket. That means that the second pocket will be just half the size of the first one, and can be used for smaller pieces of mail. At this point, you should have about three quarters of a sheet of felt hanging down at the bottom. Just stitch the remaining half sheet of felt to the bottom and sides of that piece.

diy mail pockets

Now you should have three pockets to sort various sizes and categories of mail. The last step is just to create a way to hang the organizer on your wall. A simple wire hanger works very nicely for this task. Take the top part of your felt – about two centimeters should do the trick – and fold it over the bottom section of a wire hanger. Then stitch or glue it to itself and place the hanger on a nail or wall hook. Voila! Now you have an easy way to sort your mail and keep it from cluttering up your home.

diy mail hangerdiy mail organizer

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