DIY Typographic Pillows
DIY Typographic Pillows
May 24, 2024 6:50 PM

Pillow cases are generally pretty boring. That’s fine sometimes, but if you’re looking to add a little bit of graphic interest to your bedding, adding some type to your pillow cases can be a great option. Here’s an easy tutorial to help you easily customize your cases with the words and designs of your choice.

typographic pillows

DIY typographic pillows supplies:

cotton pillow casesprinterprinter papercotton fabricscissorsiron-on adhesiveiron

Step 1: Create a design.

type design

The first step in this project is to come up with a word or phrase to include on your pillows. The ones pictured in this post feature some Z’s as just a fun way of signifying sleep. Use a photo editing program, or even a simple word processing program if you want to use a simple font, to create your design. Choose a font and size that works best for your pillow design.

Step 2: Create a stencil.

type stencil

Next, you’ll need to print your design and neatly cut out each of the letters to create stencils. You only really need one of each letter since you’ll just be using them as guides to cut the fabric. So even though I printed multiple z’s I only actually cut out one of each size.

Step 3: Cut out letters.

fabric z

Once you have a stencil, use it as a guide to cut letters out of your fabric. Make sure all of the edges are neat and then hold them up to your pillow cases to make sure they are the correct color and size you want. Make any adjustments if necessary.

Step 4: Attach Letters.

iron on fabric

Use your iron on adhesive to cover the back of each of the letters and stick them onto your pillowcase in the space you want them to be permanently. The adhesive becomes permanent when you iron it, so make sure the letters are correctly spaced before going over them with the iron. Iron the inside of the pillow case with the letters on the outside.

Step 5: Finish up.

add words to pillows

That’s all there is to it! Make sure your letters are even and the fabric is comfortable. Then just enjoy your new pillow designs!

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