Dutch growers debut the first mixed meadow of bulbs and perennials at Keukenhof's 75th jubilee
Dutch growers debut the first mixed meadow of bulbs and perennials at Keukenhof's 75th jubilee
Jun 19, 2024 3:15 AM

It's good news for avid gardeners needing some spring garden ideas as this year's world-famous Keukenhof floral event will debut its first-ever mixture of spring bulbs and flowering perennials to show how to create a display that flowers for longer.

The annual international showcase takes place at the Keukenhof botanical gardens just outside Amsterdam in Holland, and is celebrating its 75th jubilee this spring. Thanks to a collaboration between Dutch bulb suppliers, JUB Holland, and perennials specialists, Rijnbeek Perennials, visitors will see a magnificent display of Keukenhof's first-ever mixed meadow of bulbs and perennials.

For eight weeks each year, 7 million spring bulbs are on display at Keukenhof to celebrate the Dutch floricultural sector. Tulips continue to be the main point of attraction for worldwide audiences but there is a whole range of bulbs to see, including daffodils and hyacinths.

JUB Holland has been exhibiting at Keukenhof since the first year, providing long-flowering bulb mixtures. Since 2019, it has been designing unique color combinations to display in its borders at the showcase.

This year, JUB Holland has teamed up with Rijnbeek Perennials to create a 235 meter-squared mixed flowering field of bulbs and perennials. Perennials have previously been challenging to include at Keukenhof because not many are flowering when the showcase opens in March each year. Now, they have been planted with bulbs to prolong the flowering display.

'Our collaboration aims to show how effective it is to combine perennials and bulbs. Once the bulbs have finished flowering, perennials take over and offer a spring display that lasts longer,' says Robbert Uittenbogaard, Director at JUB Holland. 'It's also about using varieties that come back for several years,' he adds.

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