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Entry Table Decoration For An Ultra-Modern Home Entranceway
Entry Table Decoration For An Ultra-Modern Home Entranceway
May 24, 2024 6:12 PM

You may not think entry table decoration is important. If so, it’s time for you to reconsider how your entryway can add a touch of class to your home. Do not take your space for granted as it’s easy to let your entryway become cluttered.

Styling Your Entryway Table

Shoes, keys, and small personal belongings add undue daily stress. When you designate a place for such items, you won’t waste time trying to find them. With a stylish entryway table, not only would it make your life easier, but would give your entryway an added touch of class.

If this sounds like something you could use, then you’ll like the following examples.

Where to Place an Entryway Table

Where to Place an Entryway Table

Most entryway tables are designed to be placed flat against the wall since most entryways are not large enough for a console table to be placed in the center of the foyer. This is one of the reasons most console tables you’ll find are square or rectangular.

An entryway table should be placed directly across from your front entry if possible, as this will create a symmetrical look even if you choose an asymmetrical arrangement for the table itself. However, entryway tables are also a good fit for stair alcoves if your stairs are connected to the front foyer.

How To Choose An Entryway Table

How To Choose An Entryway Table

Choosing your console table from a furniture store? You’ll need to think some things through before you settle on the one you want. Take these steps before you decide which entryway table to choose for your layout:

Measure the space. You’ll need to know exactly how much room you have in your entryway to choose a table that’s appropriate for the space. You don’t want to buy a table and get it home only to find that it’s too bulky to comfortably fit in your entryway.Check your style. If you have a coastal interior, you’ll want a very different-looking console than someone who has a farmhouse or modern interior. See what kind of furniture is paired with the consoles in the store to get an idea of how it would look with other pieces.Choose a function. While a console table can be purely decorative, you can also find console tables that incorporate storage for books or even a small wine rack. Knowing how you want the table to work in your home can help you pick one that fits your needs.

At the end of the day, the entryway table you choose should be the one you love best as long as it fits in the space. Since there isn’t a lot of furniture in a foyer, you’re free to make your entryway table the focal point of the room.

Entryway Table Ideas For A Sharp Home

This comprehensive list was designed to inspire, and when you’re done, you’ll understand why. Look at it like this, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. A small table for your foyer could be that first step that leads to a total home makeover.

Choose Wisely

Midcentury entry table

First, choose an entryway table design. Your options will depend on your entryway space. In a large entryway, a credenza makes for a nice smart table. In a small entryway, a floating shelf does the job. Don’t forget to measure your space before you buy anything. (Domaine)

Table Lamp

Entry way lighting

Overhead lighting may not be the most popular feature among US homes, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Styling your entryway is all about baby steps. Start small and end big, as the saying goes.

A table with a lamp will provide enough light to provide a safe entry and exit from your home. Plus, lamp styles are extensive, so you’ll have options for which works best in your home. (Style Me Pretty)

Storage Boxes

styling your entryway table with Storage

You might wonder, what happens to all the shoes and keys and loose change? Get some storage. Boxes under your table can stash shoes out of sight and a small tray can corral your keys and change. It’s all about having a place to put things. (The Everygirl)

Large Mirror

Entry way mirror

Including a mirror above your console offers enough style to bring down the house. When styling your entryway table, especially if you often want to do a once-over before you leave the house. A large mirror will reflect light into a dark entryway but even a small one will have a purpose. (Architectural Digest)

Book Decor

Entry table books

A house isn’t a home until there are books in it. Those pages can say a lot about who you are. Whether interior design books or antique hardcover first editions, books are stylish decor ideas that have the power to energize your living spaces. (Domaine)

Family Photos

Family photo entry table

What home doesn’t have a family hall of fame picture wall? it’s always nice to see who lives in a home. Display your best family photos or put your favorite framed picture on the table to greet you with a smile every time you walk in the door. (Glitter Guide)

Statement Art

styling your entryway table with art

Make a statement that reflects your personality when designing an entryway table. Or maybe frame an inspirational quote that will have you ready to tackle the day when you leave every morning. (Swoon Worthy)

Go Green

Entry way greenery

Place a small potted-plant or an easy table and watch your space become a source of energy. A small houseplant on the table or a large one in an empty corner will breathe life into your entryway. Plus houseplants give us a reason to come home since they can’t water themselves. (Amanda Catherine)

Unique Decoration

Decorative entry table

Just because it’s your entryway and you probably don’t constantly see it doesn’t mean you should leave it with the bare bones of decor. Go ahead and add your decorative bits and pieces like a ceramic animal or a collection of bottles when styling your entryway table. (724 South House)

Multi-Purpose Table

Entry way space

Feel free to think outside the box. If you don’t have an entryway, make one. You can use all the same tips for an entryway table and just put it all on a wall by the door. At least you’ll get to see your handiwork all the time. ( Lonny)

Personalize Space

statement entry table

In the end, whatever you end up choosing for your entryway table, make sure the final result reflects you. If it doesn’t make you happy, pitch it and start over! Redecorate and tweak until you have an entryway space that makes you sigh with happiness every day. (Glitter Guide)

Rustic Table

styling your entryway table with rustic vibes

The entryway to your home should showcase your home’s décor and reflect your personality. You don’t have to stick with a formal or minimalistic entryway and can instead create a rustic style entryway table, as demonstrated by Home Decor Momma. This selection of accessories comes together on the table to create a fun display that will welcome anyone to your home.

The basket and rug are sure to come in handy, and you can always hide any bags and smaller items in the basket when you return home. While there’s a lot going on with this table, it doesn’t look cluttered or messy when arranged in this way.

Shoe Cabinet

shoe cabinet entryway table

If you can’t decide between a shoe cabinet and a table but are limited on space in your entryway, convert the top of your shoe cabinet into your entryway table. Lavender Julep shows us how to create this sleek design idea that would look stunning in the entry to any home.

Shoes are one of the biggest issues for anyone in their entryway, especially when you have lots of young children who don’t put them away. Solve two problems with one piece of furniture with this shoe storage addition to your entryway.

Gold And White Color Scheme

styling your entryway table with white and gold

When it comes to adding color to your entryway, we recommend keeping things as simple as possible. One or two colors are all you need to create an impact at the entrance to your home.

House Full of Summer shares this gold and white entryway table, which adds a hint of shimmer with the gold jar and box. You only need a few small hints of color to brighten up any space, and this will completely transform even the dullest of entryways into somewhere you enjoy seeing every time you walk through the door.

Pillar Candles

pillar candles on the entryway table

We often associate candles with the kitchen or living room, but pillar candles make a fun accessory to add to your entryway table. Small Stuff Counts offers us their navy entryway, which is brightened up with the three pillar candles on the table.

Inspirational Quotes

inspirational quote

After a long day at work, an inspirational quote will help boost your energy levels as you step through your front door. Matthews Family Happenings shows us how to create this framed quote on their entryway table.

Beach Vibe

styling your entryway with a beachy vibe

Natural wood and a morning seabreeze sound like heaven. If you live near the beach, you should take advantage of it. Place seashells in a basket and put them on display. The glass dolphins add another ocean-themed decoration to this setup, and we think the picture above the entryway table completes the whole look.

Nourish and Nestle shares their console table, which is a fun project for a beginner or an intermediate DIYer.

Leaning Picture Frames

leaning pictures

Picture frames as something to hang on the walls. However, The Lily Pad Cottage shares another idea for displaying your favorite family photos and memories. Instead of hanging large frames on the wall, lean them at a slight angle against your table. It will keep them safely out of the way of young kids who might brush past regular photo frames and allows you to display large photos.

Optimize Small Spaces

small entryway space

We aren’t all blessed with endless space in our homes, but you can make the most of even the smallest entryway by using a compact entryway table. Funky Junk Interiors offers us this rustic entryway table which adds plenty of character to a home.

This small wooden table doesn’t require a wide entryway yet still offers enough space to add the decorations of your choice. We love the addition of the chair by it, which is a good alternative to a bench if you are limited to space.

Rustic Entryway Table

rustic fall entryway table

The small table in your entryway can enjoy a makeover at any time of the year. We love this rustic fall entryway table from Honey We’re Home. The pumpkins of all shapes and sizes add a splash of color and will impress any visitors to your house.

Halloween Entryway Table

halloween entryway table

Check out this wicked console table from Home Decor Momma when styling your entryway table for Halloween. If you are expecting trick-or-treaters or are hosting a Halloween party, this will make an incredible first impression.

Living Room Table

living room entryway

As we discussed earlier, you can add an entryway table to any room in your home. This living room entryway table from Sunny Side Up offers you a warm welcome to the space. It also provides additional storage, thanks to the large baskets.

Funky Mirror

a funky mirror

Murphy Deesign shares this West Village apartment makeover which has an amazing entryway setup. We love the bold statement mirror, which creates a great first impression when you step into your home. A mirror is always handy to have in this part of your house, so you can quickly check your appearance as you head out of the door on the way to work each day.

This mirror fits in well with the color scheme and texture of the other items used. The shapes on the entryway table match the mirror well to create a cohesive look and feel to this space.

Entryway Makeover

styling your entryway festively

As most of us have guests over during the holidays, you’ll want to spruce up your entryway for the season. Digs Digs shows us how to create this winter entryway idea, which adds greenery and seasonal decorations to the table.

Symmetrical Design

symmetrical design

JK Interior Living shares this home makeover, which creates a stylish entryway with clean lines. We recommend using symmetry to create a minimalistic and sleek look in any home entryway. Less is more in this case, and the empty table has plenty of space to fit a huge plant or vase of flowers.

Winter Wonderland Entry

winter wonderland entryway table

Blesser House shares this beautiful winter entryway that you can keep up long after the holiday season. Many elements are combined in this design to create a pretty table display, but it won’t take much time or effort to create.

Consistent Color Scheme

consistent color scheme

If we could make one suggestion for improving the entryway in your home, it would be to keep colors consistent throughout its décor. Too often, people try and mix and match colors.

This leaves the entrance looking really messy and uncoordinated and doesn’t create the desired warm welcome to your home. Whittney Parkinson Design shares this home redecoration project which uses a brown and blue color scheme for an aesthetically pleasing entryway.

Fresh Flowers

fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are one of the prettiest additions to any entryway table, and we love this setup by House Nine. It just goes to show that a simple entryway table can still create a striking first impression. A small table will look fantastic with just a vase of flowers and nothing else.

Modern Artwork

modern art work

If you enjoy adding unique items of furniture or artwork to your home, take inspiration from this House Nine project. This bold and funky piece of art on the wall sets the tone for the home, as does the fox on the wall.

Spatial Aesthetic

light and airy entryway table

For homes that have a narrow entryway, try to keep things light and airy. We love the pale table and decorations that are used in this entryway from Jessica Nelson Design. Even with a reasonable size table, you won’t feel like the space is too cluttered.

How To Build An Entryway Table

DIY entryway tables make a good beginner’s project for would-be home carpenters since they can be put together with simple tools and materials. A barebones farmhouse entryway table can be created with nothing more than a saw, some lumber, some screws, and a drill.

If you’re interested in building your own entryway table, there are plenty of beginner’s blueprints available online for you to try out. These blueprints include a supply list so you know you’ll have everything you need when you get started. You can also find online videos that can walk you through the process of building your entryway table step-by-step.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is The Purpose Of An Entryway Table?

In some cases, the purpose of styling your entryway table is purely decorative. These small tables function as a surface to place items such as picture frames, flower vases, and other miscellaneous decors that may not have a home elsewhere.

Why Is An Entryway Table Called A Console?

While many people associate the word “console” with “TV console,” the term console actually refers to an architectural feature. The brackets used to brace these small tables from underneath are known as consoles, from the Latin consolidare, or “to strengthen.”

These strengthening brackets make the tables sturdy enough to hold the weight of stored items without collapsing.

How Tall Are Entryway Tables?

The average height of an entryway table is roughly thirty inches tall. This would put the entryway table at approximately waist height for most people.

Where Do You Put On Entryway Tables?

An aquarium would be something different while also creating a stylish entryway. Keep in mind that your console table may not be rated to support the heavy weight of a larger aquarium, so be sure to keep your tank at five gallons or under unless you’re getting a console table made of sturdier material, like wrought iron.

What Is The Standard Width Of An Entryway Table?

The width of an entryway table depends on the table’s style, but most entryway tables are designed to be long and narrow so they don’t obstruct the foyer. The width of entryway tables can range from two to five feet depending on the overall size of the piece.

Entry Table Decoration Conclusion

A small entryway table is the tiny pebble that’s thrown into calm water, creating a ripple effect that becomes a tsunami. And that’s a good thing. Decorating ideas should be original and fresh. Play your game and everything else will fall into place. Wall art would be a fun way to start if you chose something unexpected.

Your home’s entryway is the first impression of your home’s interior. If you want to make a good impression, spend some time thinking about an entryway that would blow the minds of those who entered your home.

Redecorating this space is easy to achieve with little time or money. Have fun sprucing up the area, and it will put a smile on your face every time you return home from work in the evening.

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