What Are Louvered Doors?
What Are Louvered Doors?
May 24, 2024 6:24 PM

Louvered doors are defined by horizontal slats, called louvers, that overlap and connect to vertical stiles. Available in both adjustable and fixed configurations, the slats on fixed doors are angled downward, remaining open at all times.

What Are Louvered Doors?

Louvered doors work well in different settings, but these doors have a unique style which means that they won’t work for every situation.


Ventilation – Louvered doors provide privacy but still keep the room fresh by allowing air to circulate from one area to the next. This is beneficial in most areas but works best for small rooms like closets with little air flow. Louvered doors for furnace rooms are also essential as your furnace needs proper airflow to function best.Light – The slats of both adjustable louvered doors and fixed doors allow light to filter through but still provide privacy.Appearance – Louvered doors have a more custom style than standard pre-hung doors. They work well with traditional, coastal, bohemian, and farmhouse style.


Cleaning – Dust also builds up inside the slats and because the slats are close together, they are difficult to clean.Maintenance – The hardware for louver doors is more complex, so it breaks more often and is more difficult to fix.Appearance – The louvered door has a unique look that does not work for a variety of home decor styles.

Louvered Doors Styles

Bifold Doors – Bifold doors are the most common interior louver doors. Most people use them as closet doors. These doors have two panels that are hinged together and slide on a fixed upper or lower track. They fold in a vertical direction when you pull them open. Bifold doors save square footage compared to standard doors because they do not swing wide to open. You can hang these as single or double doors.Hinged Doors – A hinged louvered door is hung with two or three vertical hinges on one side of the door. People use these as standard interior or exterior doors that open in one direction. Also, you can mount small louvered doors with pivot hinges so that the doors open and close in either direction.Pocket Door/Sliding Doors – Pocket louvered doors or sliding louver doors slide on a track along the wall or into a recess in the wall. This door option works well if you want to save floor space. This is helpful in small rooms like laundry rooms, bathrooms, or a home office where square footage is a premium.

Louvered Door Design Ideas

Louvered doors have a distinct style that works well in particular contexts. We have gathered some of the best-louvered door images to help you visualize the way these doors could work for you.

Louvered Closet Doors

Louvered Closet DoorsYellow Bungalow

Yellow Bungalow designed this masculine-style home office. They minimized the look of the louvered closet doors by painting them the same color as the walls.

Exterior Louvered Doors

Exterior Louvered DoorsZAK Architecture

Zak Architecture used pocket louvered doors to connect this master bathroom to the private patio. These exterior louvered doors slide into a recess into the wall when they are open. This removes any visual barrier between the interior and exterior space.

Louvered Cabinet Doors

Louvered Cabinet DoorsC. Kramer Interiors

In this bathroom design from C. Kramer Interiors, the painted louvered cabinet helps to enhance the coastal vibe. Louvers work well on cabinets with clothes and toiletries so that they do not become too stuffy.

Louvered Bifold Doors

Louvered Bifold DoorsTalianko Design Group, LLC

For this small laundry room, Talianko Design Group used these bifold louver doors to save space and create ventilation. The louver doors work well with the plantation shutters used throughout the home.

Louvered Shower Doors

Louvered Shower DoorsOur Town Plans

Louvered doors are a great look for this outdoor shower in this coastal home. This gives the shower privacy while still allowing air and sunlight to filter through.

Interior Louvered Doors

Interior Louvered DoorsWindow Treats Inc.

Window Treats used dark stained bifold doors as shutters to cover this large picture window. This is a way to provide privacy and enhance the mid-century rustic look of this bedroom.

Bright Colored Louvered Closet Door

Bright Colored Louvered Closet Door

Schlage designed this contemporary bathroom in Indianapolis. They used a louvered closet door painted in bright yellow to create a focal point for the room.

Louvered Front Doors

Louvered Front DoorsMLM Incorporated

Louvered front doors complement various home styles including the double louvered doors on this eclectic home in New Orleans. Louvered exterior doors also work well with coastal, midcentury, and traditional home designs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Where can I find louvered doors for sale?

Look for louvered doors at DIY, hardware stores, custom door companies, and architectural salvage centers. There are specific advantages of the different stores and you should compare your options at each place. For example, Home Depot louvered doors and Lowes louvered doors will be standard sizes and a good price, but there will be limited options. Doors at custom shops will have the most variety, but these will often be the most expensive options. Architectural salvage stores will have unique options at good prices, but they will not be standard sizes.

What materials are used to make louvered doors?

Wooden louvered doors are popular door varieties because of their beauty and durability. It is also an expensive option. Pinewood is a common variety of wood that is more cost effective and lightweight. There are also PVC, metal, MDF, and composite varieties of louvered doors.

What is the best hardware for installing louvered doors?

There is specialized hardware if you are going to install hinged doors, pocket doors, or bifold doors. For hinged louver doors, determine which direction your door will open. Use a pivot hinge if you want your door to swing in both directions. Also, hinged doors can have a door knob if you want your door to open and close like a standard door. Bifold doors require hinges to attach each panel together as well as an upper or lower track. Pocket doors also require an upper or lower track to slide in and out of the wall recess.

What are standard sizes for louvered doors?

Standard bifold louvered doors are 24×80 inches, 30×80 inches, or 32×80 inches for a single door. Hinged doors, sliding doors, and pocket doors are 30×80 inches, 32×80 inches, or 36×80 inches.

How can I update my louvered doors?

One of the best DIY ways to update louvered doors is to remove the horizontal slats and replace the slats with solid panels. If you need to keep some ventilation, you can add a cane insert or a punctured tin panel. A less time intensive way to update louver doors is to paint them. If you paint them the same color as the trim, the doors blend into the background. You can also paint these doors bright colors which updates their look.

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