17 Foyer Decorating Ideas: Welcome in Style
17 Foyer Decorating Ideas: Welcome in Style
May 24, 2024 6:58 PM

New foyer decorating ideas allow you to see your home in a new light, imagining a revitalization of this vital space. Since front entrances provide guests with their first impression of your house, they should be given a great deal of consideration when arranging your interior design elements.

Entry spaces are usually smaller than the average size of most rooms in the house, so you can achieve amazing results by devoting a small amount of time and creativity to your entryway decor.

From elegant lighting fixtures to functional storage and welcoming furniture, entryway decor ideas provide an endless array of ways to reflect your personal style while also welcoming friends and neighbors.

Foyer Decorating Ideas Lookbook

The variety of foyer decorating ideas allows you to customize them to match any type of foyer, price range, and aesthetic.

1. Statement Lighting

Statement LightingBrooke Wagner Design

Maintaining good lighting at your entryway helps to make your house feel welcoming. Choose one lighting source, like a chandelier, to make a statement lighting fixture. This will provide a distinct focal point for the room. Layer in additional types of lighting, such as lamps, sconces, or recessed ceiling lights. This will provide more depth to the lighting, which you can adjust as the light changes throughout the year.

2. Mirrors

MirrorsChango & Co

Mirrors add depth to small foyers by reflecting light and making the space appear larger than it is. Choose one large mirror to hang above an entry table or bench. If you have a long and narrow foyer, consider using two matching mirrors. Mirrors also serve a practical purpose; they are ideal for last-minute outfit checks as you walk out the door.

3. Accent Wall

Accent WallPatrick Dyke Collaborative

Make a statement wall in your entryway with brightly colored paint, wallpaper, or an eclectic collection of artwork. This is more than just a way to show off your personal style; it helps to define your foyer. The key to this design concept is finding the right wall. Select a self-contained wall to create a more seamless transition into the rest of your home.

4. Functional Furniture

Functional FurnitureBlackband Design

Choose furniture for your entryway that can serve multiple functions. A console table with quick storage for stray books and scarves, a cabinet for gloves and shoes, or a coat hanger for visitors’ coats are all useful options. These do not have to be large pieces to be useful. Find a slim console table, a basket for large miscellaneous items, and a shallow bowl for your keys, and you are good to go.

5. Floor Coverings

Floor CoveringsJamie Keskin Design

Install a rug to serve as a foundation for the rest of your entryway decor. Choosing a foyer rug can be challenging because it is such a high traffic area and it can define the look of the room. Rather than feeling obligated to keep the same rug all year, this is a good item to rotate a couple of times a year; it can completely transform your foyer.

6. Greenery

GreeneryAndrew Howard Interior Design

Adding greenery to your foyer can add freshness and color to this transitional space. You can do this temporarily with a vase and some cut greens, or more permanently with trees or plants. If you want a permanent green feature, make sure you choose the right plant for the available light in the room. Choose a quality faux plant option if your lighting does not work for the real plant that you want to use.

7. Shoe Storage

Shoe StorageSixteen On Center

Foyers can be a magnet for all kinds of clutter, especially if this is the main entrance to your home for both family and guests. Choose a hidden nook, such as under the stairs, to create a storage solution for all of your family’s clutter. Alternatively, invest in a built-in cabinet that stores shoes, coats, and bags while giving your entry a functional mudroom appearance.

8. Gallery Wall

Gallery WallHouzz

Use your foyer to display your personal taste and style by creating a gallery wall. Display family photos and art for a more personal display, or choose a fun mix of wall art that you have gathered over time. You don’t need to have all the gallery wall items collected before you begin to build it. Instead, get a core group of pieces together – an odd number of pieces is a good place to start – and then build it out as you gather more pieces over time.

9. Open Shelving Unit

Open Shelving UnitRebecca Driggs Interiors

Find a large bookcase or a set of open shelves to display fun items that will give your guests an idea of who you are and the things you love. Bookcases and other shelving units work well as room dividers and are also a good way to create more definition in large, open foyers.

10. A Simple Look

A Simple LookHudson + Bloum Design

Embrace a minimalist philosophy by showing restraint in decorating your foyer rather than overfilling it. Choose a simple piece of wall art or a mirror and hang it over a bench or a simple console table. Add texture and a touch of greenery to the space so that it does not feel bare or unintentional.

11. Transitional Flooring

Transitional FlooringYerigan Construction Company

Select flooring that creates a focal point and separates your foyer from the rest of your living area. This can provide a practical benefit as well as an aesthetic one. For areas with heavy traffic, certain floor options are more resilient. These include ceramic tile, slate, brick, and terracotta options. If you want to add an eclectic touch to your foyer, you can also go for something extremely decorative, such as a vibrant mosaic or decorative tile floor.

12. Seasonal Decor

Seasonal Decorlisa furey interiors

The foyer is an excellent place to display seasonal decor. This strategy is easiest to implement when your foyer has a piece of foundational furniture, such as a console table, on which to display the season’s best offerings. Hang a seasonal wreath over your mirror and swap out your rug, or display a vase of cut branches. You can add some festive cheer to your foyer with a few easy touches.

13. Statement Ceiling

Statement CeilingMarker Construction Group

Draw your guests’ eyes upward by creating a statement ceiling in the foyer. This is a daring and unexpected look that you can achieve by using a different color of paint, wallpaper, or molding. This concept will not work in every foyer. To make sure you can move from this ceiling design into your other space with ease, you should examine the architectural elements of your foyer. This design is best suited for foyer ceilings with defined edges.

14. Add Extra Seating

Add Extra SeatingEtch Design Group

Extra seating can be conveniently stored in the foyer and pulled out as needed. Choose an open console table and stow small benches or poufs for seats when there are extra guests present. If you frequently require more substantial seating, place a bench with a back in your foyer. When pulled up to a dining table, it provides comfortable seating for both children and adults.

15. Small Foyer Options

Small Foyer OptionsLenox House Design

Even if your foyer is small, it is worth adding some pieces to give it some character. Do not overcrowd the room with furniture, or it will become less functional. A mirror or a sizable work of wall art can serve as the only elements needed to define a compact foyer. Floating shelves are a great way to save space while still displaying a few prized possessions. A small rug can add texture, color, and definition to a small space.

16. Use Vintage Pieces

Use Vintage PiecesElizabeth Drake of Drake Interiors Limited

Incorporating vintage pieces into your foyer is a fun way to differentiate your style from the rest. Choose a vintage piece to replace a console table; if you need extra storage, consider sideboards, dressers, and small bookcases. Vintage mirrors, particularly those with interesting or ornate frames, can make excellent additions to foyers. Consider other vintage accessories such as lighting, wallpaper, textiles, hardware, and artwork to add timeless charm to your foyer.

17. Add Wainscoting

Add WainscotingBeckiowens

Add wainscotting to the walls to define the area of your foyer. Wainscoting is decorative wall paneling that covers a portion of the walls. Consider the style of your home when deciding on a wainscoting type. Raised panel, board and batten, beadboard, shiplap, and flat panel wainscoting are all popular options. Wainscoting adds interest and texture to your foyer without changing the overall appearance. It makes an excellent foundation for wall art or furniture, but it is equally lovely when left unadorned.

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