Bird lamps by Zhili Liu
Bird lamps by Zhili Liu
Jun 19, 2024 4:22 AM

Poetic, air, minimalist … how to describe the aesthetics of these rare prototypes designed by lighting designerChinese Zhili Liu? Gently put on a semblance of class or suspended in the air, the blisters come all to imitate the elegant lightness of birds in our home.

Bird by Zhili Liu

The sockets are made of bone china, which is translucent, heat proof and electrically safe. Work with incandescent, CFLs or LED bulbs with a standard E-27 base.

Bird by Zhili Liu3

They look very interesting and simple, but at some point they might become too much. You might feel like you’re having Christmas light in your room during the whole year. But that will happen only if you exaggerate with the number of pendants. When used with moderation these lighting features can be very elegant and artistic, giving a romantic touch to the room. The light they provide is very soft, almost diffuse, that’s why you’re going to need more that one feature.

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