Cinder Block Dimensions And Project Ideas
Cinder Block Dimensions And Project Ideas
May 24, 2024 7:51 PM

Cinder block dimensions seem like common knowledge. But when you think about it, you probably can’t list them off the top of your head, despite being scattered in front of you.

Cinder Block Dimensions

You’ve seen them on hundreds, probably thousands, of projects. The rectangular blocks are used to build many types of structures. But if you had to guess, could you guesscinder block dimensions?

Most cinder blocks are the same size. There are exceptions to square cinder blocks, or cinder blocks used as pavers, and even extra-large cinder blocks.

Cinder Block Dimensions: What Is A Cinder Block?

cinder block dimensionsColdham & Hartman Architects

Cinder blocks are a type of concrete masonry block that uses a material called cinder, and this is why they’re called cinder blocks. These blocks are shaped like the number 8 when viewed from above and are an efficient way to build construction blocks.

The cinder in these blocks is the aggregate, with cement and sand paired with the aggregate. Because of their hollowness, they make the most out of the material that they are made from, which we’ll talk more about later.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Cinder Block?

Cinder Block DimensionsSpore Design Architects

What are the dimensions of a concrete cinder block? Well, the common dimensions of cinder blocks are 8-by-8-by-16 inches. However, like most boards, their actual sizes are different from label. Most cinder blocks are smaller.

Their actual dimensions are more apt to be 7 5/8-by-7 5/8-by-15 5/8. The reason the measurements are smaller is to accommodate the mortar that goes in between them which is 3 8 inch thick.

This makes it much easier for masons to calculate how many blocks they need. It may not seem like much but when the building is multiple stories high, this could end up being hundreds of inches, or feet.

Cinder blocks usually have two large holes in them with a 1-inch divider between holes. The actual measurements of the indented ends are 1 1/4-inch deep and can vary in width greatly from less than an inch to multiple inches.

Cinder Block Vs Concrete Block Vs Cement Block

Cinder Block DimensionsDZN Partners

We get this question a lot. Is a cinder block different than a concrete block or some other type of block like a cement block? Well, the short answer is that they are all concrete masonry units or CMUs.

The only difference is that they have a different aggregate. Aggregate is coarse- to medium-grained particulate material used in construction. It is the most mined material in the world, considering there are so many different types.

This is the main thing that separates the different types of construction masonry units. But let’s break that down a little bit more:

Cinder Block – A cinder block uses a cinder as an aggregate. Cinder is a type of fly ash normally from the non-combustible residue of combustion in a power plant, boiler, furnace, or incinerator. It is a way to recycle this material.Concrete Block – A concrete block uses gravel as an aggregate though the term concrete can mean that it uses anything from recycled concrete to sand. Almost anything can be used as an aggregate for concrete.Cement Block – Cement is in both cinder blocks and concrete blocks. So they are considered cement blocks too. But cement is the material itself, which you can learn more about in this cement vs. concrete guide.

Cinder Block Cost

We already know how much brick costs and how much a fireplace costs. But what about cinder blocks? Are they more expensive or cheaper than brick and stone? Let’s find out together by comparing them.

Cinder Blocks

The average cost of a cinder block is $2. But when you add labor, you will be paying around $10 per square foot. This means that a 10×10 wall would cost $1000 if you had someone build it for you.

However, it would cost less than $300 if you did it yourself. Doing things yourself saves money, but figuring out if it’s worth it isn’t easy. But how does that cost compare to bricks?


Bricks average between $2.50 and $8 per square foot. When you add labor in, you can expect to pay about $15 per square foot. But the range for this is larger than it is with cinder blocks at a steadier price.

If you pay $15 per square foot, you will be paying 50% more than you’d pay for cinder blocks. But in some cases, the labor costs for bricklaying can be even more.


Now let’s get to the stone. This has the widest price range because it depends on the type of stone you choose. Stone can cost anywhere from $15 to $50 per square foot. But this can be even without labor.

So yeah, need we go further? Stone is much more expensive than cinder blocks. Unless you gather the stone yourself on your own rural property. This is rare but it can happen if you live in certain areas.

Cinder Block Project Inspiration

If you think cinder blocks are boring and have no use for your home, then think again. You should try them or draw inspiration from them.

Keep in mind that the examples are for inspiration so you can learn more about what cinder blocks can do. Perhaps you can even find out what type of cinder block project is waiting for you in the future.

Cinder Block Pizza Oven

Cinder Block Dimensions

This team is so talented that they can use cinder blocks for the base of any pizza oven. They use stone veneers, brick, clay, and more to create unique pizza ovens. But the base is always made with the same cinder block kit.

This particular company, Grills’n Ovens, creates the most amazing ovens. It’s amazing when a company can take your vision and turn it into a reality.

Garden Bed

Cinder Block Dimensions

Planting a tomato garden, or any garden really has never been easier. Cinder blocks offer natural holes and slots to bury small plants and can be placed together for bigger plants. It’s way cheaper than a nice stone bed.

You can also get creative and cover the cinder blocks with veneer or something similar. For indoor pots, use tiles that blend in with the interior design better. This example is from Instructables.

Cinder Block Flower Garden

Cinder Block Dimensions

Here’s a great way to make a cinder block garden appealing. Use cinder blocks to build a wall with adorable slots in random places. If you like small plants, this is perfect for displaying them.

If you’re struggling with finding out what type of plants you want for your cinder block garden, we’ve got you covered. You can check out the best indoor plants or where to buy plants online for some more suggestions.

Desk Table

Cinder Block Dimensions

Everyone needs a desk and a cinder block desk is an affordable option. You can make a concrete desktop for your cinder block table and use unique cinder block dimensions.

If you prefer to move your desk, then you create a temporary wood top to make it easier to move. Don’t forget to put the slots outward so you can use them as shelves.

Cinder Block Painted Shelves

Cinder Block Dimensions

Have you ever considered painting cinder blocks? What about putting pavers on the end to create full blocks? That’s what this project proves you can do. The result is gorgeous and creative and can get your creative juices flowing.

It’s important to make sure that what you build won’t collapse. Cinder blocks are heavy and can cause damage.

Cinder Block Stencil Poolside Caddy

Cinder Block Dimensions

Perhaps you never considered stenciling cinder blocks? The reason that you stack it in a circle is so the umbrella has more room to angle when the sun changes. It also helps that the hole is deeper so it won’t fall.

Outdoor Bench

Cinder Block Dimensions

Cinder blocks are too uncomfortable to sit on without support. You can add throws, pillows, or even cushions to create an outdoor paradise with any type of vibe you can imagine.

Remember to take the cushions inside when it’s raining. Thankfully, the cinder blocks themselves will be more than safe. They will last regardless of weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Are Breeze Blocks?

Block work walls, otherwise known as breeze blocks, are a cheap concrete masonry unit. This type of cinder block is made from coal ashes. The blocks are good for garden walls, garages, and patio screens.

For commercial building construction, they are used for stairwells, balcony screenings, and curtain wall sun-shading to large windows. The blocks are popular in hot climates as they allow a breeze through, which is how they got their name.

What Are Besser Blocks?

Besser blocks are hollow, rectangular concrete building blocks used in commercial construction for offices, multi-story apartment blocks, and industrial buildings.

What Are Clinker Blocks?

Clinker blocks are named for the metallic sound they make when they’re knocked together. The building material is what makes them unique as clinker is a modular binder in cement products. Clinker is also a granular substance that contains small spherical pellets.

What Are Hollow Blocks?

Hollow blocks are known for their versatility. The blocks have a high-stress bearing capacity and are popular in building construction projects.

Cinder Block Dimensions Conclusion

Cinder blocks are more useful than you might think. Since concrete blocks are cheaper than stone or brick, you should consider them for your next project. When you use concrete block, you can expect it to be long-lasting.

Construction blocks are ideal for outdoor projects, like retaining walls. This doesn’t mean you can’t use them for indoor projects, it just means they are better suited for outdoors and heavy construction.

Before you begin a project, make sure you know the block dimensions before buying anything. Building a concrete block wall may appear like an easy project, but it’s harder than you think.

Contact your local major supplier if you have questions or concerns about concrete blocks as they’ll have a professional on hand to assist you.

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