Modern Chandeliers Designed To Impress And Stand Out in Any Room
Modern Chandeliers Designed To Impress And Stand Out in Any Room
May 24, 2024 5:52 PM

Modern chandeliers have moved out of the dining room. They first started being used in the medieval era when they were a symbol of wealth. Back then, candles were used to illuminate the rooms.

Modern Chandeliers

By the early 18th century chandeliers became popular with the merchant class as well and later on, everybody started bringing these ornament light fixtures into their homes. With time, designs and technologies changed and now they are often the centerpiece of a room.

Modern Chandeliers of Many Types

Modern Chandeliers of Many Types

The latest contemporary chandeliers stand out in all sorts of interesting ways, whether it’s thanks to an abstract design, an unusual form or an intriguing combination of materials.

Certain brands are known for particular styles, so you’ll have to shop around. With a few exceptions, any room in your house can have a modern chandelier.

Cocoon Chandelier

Romuald cocoon chandelier

The Cocoon chandelier designed by Romuald Stefanski is interesting and intriguing because of its irregular form and the way it hangs low in the room, just like a giant cocoon.

It uses three bulbs and unique materials to offer a pleasant and subtle glow. More than just a simple light fixture, it’s also a sculpture you can decorate the room with.

Tubular and Tiered Chandelier

Matheny ceiling chandelier

The Matheny chandelier is a piece that doesn’t completely distance itself from traditional designs. In fact, it features the same time of complexity and sophistication featured by classical chandeliers.

This is alight fixture you can successfully integrate into a traditional living room with modern influences. In short, the numerous golden tubes that make up its structure offer a timeless appearance.

Dual Direction Lighting

Charles modern chandelier

The design proposed by the Charles chandelier is an interesting one. Indeed, this is a light fixture that integrates a total of 20 lampshades. Half of these are facing the ceiling and the other half is directed toward the opposite direction.

Thus, the user can either choose to illuminate the room and the space underneath the chandelier or to light the lamps facing the ceiling for a subtle and less striking visual effect.

Small Silhouette Chandelier

Ike Modern chandelier system

This is Ike, a chandelier built of brass and aluminum. By contrast, its relatively reduced dimensions and simple design allow it to be highly versatile. It’s suitable for a variety of spaces such as the living room, dining area, hallway or wine cellar. The design is simple and elegant, with clean lines and an elegant combination of black and gold.

Seed Cloud Chandelier

Ocher rectangular 2 buds chandelier

The Seed Cloud is one of the most popular modern and contemporary chandeliers out there. This is the rectangular version and it has 112 solid cast bronze buds.

Two finishes are available for the modern forms: polished bronze or satin nickel. Each of the buds holds a small glass drop with LED lights. Importantly, this chandelier is a wonderful accent piece for the dining room, being perfect for the space above the table.

Traditional Opulence

Seguso murano chandelier

A lot of modern and contemporary chandeliers try to distance themselves from traditional and classical designs. On the other hand, many also embrace them and only attempt to re-imagine them in a modern fashion.

As an example, this is the series from Murano Rezzonico Chandeliers. It is a great example of fine art handcrafted lighting with an updated look.

Modern Minimalist Flair

Forestier suspension pavuk

Intricate geometry often defines a lot of modern creations and this also applies to contemporary chandeliers. For example, the Pavuk chandelier has 21 bulbs attached to a collection of geometric forms arranged in an apparently random but symmetrical manner.

Kateryna Sokolova designed these chandeliers, which make great black accents in interior decor.

Chandelier Angelius

Available in four color options, the Angelus chandelier is also an updated version of a classical light fixture, being defined by an intricate design and lots of delicate ornaments.

In detail, the four-color options are gray, black, gold and white. Each color of these contemporary chandeliers has its own charm and beautiful characteristics.

Floral Inspiration

Valentina giovando chandelier designValentina giovando chandelier

The collection of modern and contemporary chandeliers designed by Valentina Giovando uses iron as the main material. The most impressive piece is the Nodi chandelier which goes back to raw materials, featuring delicate chains and knots organized on three tiers.

Nudo is also a very stylish piece, sharing a strong connection with the basic materials it’s made of. The Iron Flowers chandeliers is the smallest of the series but stands out thanks to the intricacy of its design. Both give off a sens of visual comfort in the room.

Multi-Pendant Style

Roberto cavalli home chandelierBeautiful chandelier from Roberrto Cavali

With these chic pendant lamps you can add a magical touch to your home decor. The lamps are designed by Roberto Cavalli and they come in the form of matte white spheres complemented by delicate golden wings which allow them to look like beautiful butterflies. Hence, the series of contemporary chandeliers is perfect for modern living rooms and dining spaces.

Linear and Rectangular

Liane chandelier

The Liane Chandelier was specifically designed to be displayed above rectangular dining tables, although it could also look beautiful in various other settings. This is one of the modern crystal chandeliers Emanuel Ungaro created. It has a brass and steel frame and a simple and linear design. These modern crystal chandeliers are available in clear or amber.

A Profusion of Butterflies

Whismical chandelier

Spectacular is the best term we can use when describing this chandelier from Lladro. An array of delicate butterflies is hanging by thin threads and complements a spherical ceiling unit. In this case, the light reflects into the butterflies making them sparkle and turning the chandelier into a stylish and sophisticated wind chime.

Metallic orbs

Flowerpot chandelier from andtradition

Available in a variety of colors, the Flowerpot pendant is a stylish indoor lighting fixture. The design if this tech lighting is as simple as it is interesting. The shade is made of lacquered metal and is hanging from a three-meter fabric cord. The interesting thing about the pendant in this particular context is the fact that it was used in a cluster, forming a unique chandelier for the dining area.

A Sculptural Design

Tom dixon The church

This impressive and dramatic-looking chandelier is also a collection of individual pendants. This time we’re talking about the Curve Pendant Ball which stands out thanks to its unusual satellite-like look and sculptural design. You can find it in various dimensions. Use it as a standalone pendant or in combination with others just like it to form contemporary chandeliers anywhere you want them.

Teardrop Shades

Fade pendant from Tom Dixon

The teardrop shape of the Fade pendant gives it an interesting look, especially when combined with a larger size. The shape of the pendant focuses the light in a nice and elegant way, creating a spotlight just beneath.

Interesting design detail is a metallic finish, which defines the top portion of the pendant and then fades to transparent toward the bottom.

Laboratory Inspiration

Flask chandelier from Tom DixonFlask chandelier from Tom Dixon design

The inspiration for the Flask pendant lamp designed by Tom Dixon came from chemical laboratory glassware, hence the name.

The collection includes pendants shaped like cylinders, spheres and cones and they can either be used as individual light fixtures or mixed and matched to create eye-catching combos and unique contemporary chandeliers.

Each of the pendants, regardless of the shape, is made of two components, one being a rippled glass lens and the other a black glass shade.

Leafy Globes

Iconic lamp Mini Foresti – DI CALSSE

This is the Mini Foresti, a light fixture created by Di Classe, being the first product the company has ever designed. It became one of the iconic contemporary chandeliers thanks to its unusual look and unique materials.

The lovely thing about it is the soft and pleasant glow in addition to, of course, the green look and the fact it lets the user bring nature into the home. The chandelier is made of steel, aluminum and artificial green polyester.

A Paper Forest

Paper foresti lamp shade

It seems that the Paper Foresti pendant lamp has a design inspired by the green chandelier described above. Manufactured by the same company, this amazing fixture features the same soft glow and eclectic beauty. In fact, these features characterize all their products. The two materials used in this case are steel and clean paper.

Eclectic Vintage Style

koket vivre chandelier

Vintage chandeliers are not all that outdated. In fact, a lot of modern and contemporary interiors now use vintage accents and lighting fixtures to achieve the desired look.

The Vivre chandelier puts together modern and vintage details for an eclectic and striking look, featuring intricately carved decorative patterns and a combination of gold and agate stones.

Vertical Cylinder Pendants

Skram arak chandelier

The great thing about chandeliers is that they have designs that branch out and accommodate multiple light bulbs. Thus, qualities like this make them perfect for large rooms such as the living area or dining space.

The Arak chandelier manages to do that without looking very imposing and dramatic and while giving out a soft glow. Artisans’ hand form each of the shades, which hang from metal arms of aluminum with that have a blackened or clear finish.

Bubble Chandelier

Volk bubble chandelier

Bubble chandeliers come in a large variety of designs and models but are all basically based on the same concept. their designs vary but revolve around the same form: the sphere.

Above all, these stylish glass globe clusters can also be customized with magnificent gold finishes or touches of silver. This, their designs each stand out in their own unique way.

Modern Bubble Burst

Matthew Fairbank chandelier

The Giotto Burst is a rather unusual interpretation of a bubble chandelier. It has sculptural wooden arms which end in blown glass bubble shades. Also, these can either be clear or made of smoke glass. The arms are oak or walnut and come with a variety of metal finishes such as satin, polished, antique and blackened brass or brushed nickel accents.

Satellite Style

Avram Rusu chandelier

Available in the form of a chandelier or sconce, the Confetti collection is playful, cheerful and fun in a stylish and chic way.

These light fixtures feature colored glass plates on thin metal arms and their visual role is to mimic a confetti burst. Nonetheless, the inspiration for the design is unusual and interesting, making this an iconic collection.

Modern Lacy Globe Chandelier

Shakuff perforated glass globe chandelier

Mod is a very stylish product designed by Shakuff. You can either choose the individual pendant option or the chandelier which basically puts together several of these globes to form a single piece.

Additionally, when forming your own unique chandelier, you can hang the pendants all at the same height or group them to create a staggered composition.

Constellation of Circles

hubbardton chandelier Celesse Pendant

Two steel cables hold a series of adjustable rings attached to a sculptural frame and together they form the Celesse Pendant.

Moreover, the rings are adjustable, allowing each user to customize their chandelier and personalize the constellation it depicts. The rings are aluminum and can either have a soft gold or a vintage platinum finish. In addition, the core of the frame is available in a variety of steel finishes.

Industrial Flair

Metropolis Bar Chandelier

If you’re looking for a chandelier that can bring a very subtle industrial touch to your home decor, how about the Metropolis Bar? It has seven small pendants hanging from a solid rectangular bar.

Ultimately, you can adjust their height by simply wrapping the cord around the bar. The pendants have cylindrical or globe shapes and a smokey gray color.

Sculptural Metal Bars

iacoli ball chandelier

The chandelier designs by Iacoli & McAllister is a lovely option for rooms with high ceilings. Also, it has an industrial-inspired design with its series of globe-like shades made with thin metal bars.

Mainly, their role is sculptural. For example, compared to fabric shades, they don’t really filter the light creating a soft and warm glow but rather expose the light bulbs.

Branches of Simplicity

ironware tree chandelier

One of the most beautiful things about the Ondine chandelier is the shadow it projects on the nearby walls. As a result, it makes the room look like a forest thanks to its branch-like arms which hold candle lights.

Obviously, the sculptural frame and the 12 small lights make a dreamy combination. The chandelier makes the room really elegant and has a sophisticated look without overdoing it.

Crystal Flower Globe

Goeckler antiques chandelier

There’s also something magical about the one hundred hand-blown crystal flowers that make up the Esprit Chandelier. This definitely a very detailed light fixture full of charm and character.

Thus, modern contemporary chandeliers like this are perfect for large spaces that need a theatrical and opulent touch to stand out. The crystal flowers are sprouting from a nickel-finished orb and have a nice amber-toned center.

Vintage Touches

mcHale lantern chandelier

A chandelier can be modern while also being defined by a second style. For example, vintage or traditional elements can often be a part of a modern contemporary chandelier’s design.

The combination is unusual but also inspiring, being exactly what an eclectic space needs. Moreover, it is also a great way to add a warm touch to a room or make it look more comfortable and inviting. Check out the designs from Michael McHale for more ideas.

Glass Art

Arcari dramatic chandelier in black

There’s something unusual about this sculptural pendant lamp. Its design almost seems organic. The light from the lap is filtered and soft, which highlights the light fixture’s design and form. This allows it to be a focal point in whatever room it hangs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Are chandeliers still in style?

Chandeliers are definitely still in style! You can still find plenty of traditional crystal chandeliers because they create a dramatic ambiance. Of course, with the move toward a more casual lifestyle, you can also find lots of chandelier styles to fit spaces that are not as formal or glamorous.

How do I choose a modern chandelier?

Once you choose a style, your room and the chandelier’s location will determine the size. Basically, add the length and width of a room together and then convert the feet to inches to get the desired diameter.

If you’re hanging the chandelier over the table, the diameter should not go past 12 to 15 inches from the table edge. The height should be calculated from the ceiling height and shouldn’t hang any lower than 12 inches from head height. Also, there should be 26 inches between the table top and the bottom of the chandelier.

What are the different styles of chandeliers?

There are many different styles of modern contemporary chandeliers beyond the typical crystal chandeliers.

These include drum chandeliers, mini chandeliers, sputnik chandeliers, waterfall chandeliers, hybrid chandeliers. There are also caged, candle-style, globe and island. Many of these will have modern features such as metal, including brushed bronze accents.

How do you pick a chandelier for a high ceiling?

You need to calculate the height of the chandelier based on the height of the ceiling. For every foot of room height, add 2.5 to 3 inches of chandelier height. For example, the chandelier in a living space with a 12-foot ceiling should be about 30-36 inches tall.

How high should you hang a chandelier in living room?

For a standard 8-foot ceiling, chandeliers should hang at least 7 feet above the ground. If the ceiling is taller, install it so the bottom is at 8 feet. In an open entryway with a 2-story ceiling, the bottom of the chandelier should not hang lower than the bottom of the first floor.


Modern chandeliers are a perfect design solution for a room that needs pizzazz. Whether you’re choosing the latest modern design or if you prefer the traditional look, a chandelier will be the focal point. Adding one will upgrade the design of any room — even the bathroom. So many styles are available that you won’t have trouble finding one to fit your taste, budget and home style.

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