Rattan Light Fixtures: Natural Beauty For Any Room
Rattan Light Fixtures: Natural Beauty For Any Room
May 24, 2024 5:44 PM

Rattan light fixtures bring inspired lighting and natural beauty into your home. The light fixtures have remained a popular trend for many reasons.

Rattan Light FixtureMargaret Wright Photography

Bohemian, Scandi, and coastal design styles feature Rattan lighting. Organic fibers work well in many design contexts and can elevate your room’s style from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Rattan Light

Rattan works well for light fixtures as it is a strong fiber with texture and color. Also, the rattan weave leaves open spaces for light to filter through, creating a soft diffused glow or a decorative grid-like light pattern.

What Is Rattan?

What is Rattan?Cane-line

Rattan is made from plant fibers related to the palm tree. Rattan is a popular material for lighting, outdoor and indoor furniture, and baskets. Genuine rattan is can succumb to mold and mildew if left outdoors.

Man-made rattan is an alternative. In the end, rattan quality matters the most for products that you use daily.

Rattan Light Fixtures

Rattan light fixtures come in many varieties. It’s hard to keep up with rattan trends and styles.

Let’s consider a few options for rooms in your home:

Rattan Pendant Light

Rattan pendant lights hang from the ceiling with a single bulb in the fixture. The rattan light shade has an endless variety of woven designs and colors that it is difficult to choose one.

Rattan Light@our.home.trio

This kitchen is beautiful in its simplicity. The clean modern farmhouse style is accented with paneled white cabinets and a herringbone backsplash. Wood floors ground the design and provide a warm contrast.

The rattan pendant lights add a nice focal point and organic texture to the white room. They pair well with the sleek white island and complement the natural fibers of the bar stools.

bell-shaped white-washed rattan pendant lights.@mylightingsource

This kitchen features bell-shaped white-washed rattan pendant lights. The lights blend with the kitchen. The soft tones are echoed in the light wood ceiling beams.

The placement of the lights over the kitchen island is key to this design as is the texture they bring to the room.

Rattan pendant lights@mybaliliving

Rattan pendant lights come in interesting colors and patterns. If you want to add color and texture to your room, consider an option like this pendant. This rattan light has blue and white strands woven with natural hues to create a stunning effect.

Black Rattan Pendant Light

When placed into a design, rattan lights help create a relaxed style. Black rattan pendant lights are no exception. However, black rattan can also achieve a more modern style than natural colored rattan.

Black pendant lamp in rattan over the dining table@lillytaylorinteriors

This black rattan pendant light stands out because of the contrast it creates. However, the black pendant extends continuity by echoing the hints of dark gray accents in the decor. It provides a counterpoint to the room’s warm wood coloring.

rattan lights are restrained in stylecollectiviste

Some rattan lights are restrained in style, but not here. This Hollis black rattan pendant light is large and exotic. Thus, it is a statement piece for any room of the house.

Black rattan Modern farmhouse style@madeleine_baxter

The modern farmhouse style is relaxing with high contrasts. Often, the color foundation is white and light neutrals. Thus, the addition of a darker hue creates a deeper focal point.

This grace dome black rattan pendant light is a solid addition to the modern farmhouse style as it provides texture and contrast.

Large Rattan Pendant Light

Flora rattan pendant lights work when you need a statement piece. The lights work well in spaces where you want to create a cozy and finished look with minimal decor.

This room has an elevated and refined traditional design. The flora rattan pendant light is subtle. It pairs well with the cane dining chairs and modern black table. Flora rattan lights are versatile and fresh. They can breathe new life into old spaces.

rattan hanging lights in this design.Paisley and Jude

Notice the grouping of rattan hanging lights in this design. There is one large pendant light in the middle and flanked by smaller lights in different shades. The warm-colored rattan pendant light echoes the warmth of the floor. The lights augment the room’s style.

Rattan Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Not all rattan lights are pendants as some are mounted close to the ceiling. If you want to add a rattan light to your room but do not have the space for a pendant, these are used in more varied locations. Flush-mounted rattan and semi-flush mounted lights are available in many styles.

Rattan Flush Mount Ceiling LightSerena and Lily

This is an example of a flush mount ceiling light. It is positioned against the ceiling. This kind of light is useful in a space that has low ceilings or in a smaller than standard room. You can also use this in a room where you want to add texture but do not want to overpower the style of the room.

semi-flush mount rattan lightCrate and Barrel

This a semi-flush mount rattan light. The light is attached to a brass fixture that allows it to hang from the ceiling. This is more of a statement fixture than the rattan ceiling light.

Ikea Rattan Light

IKEA offers several rattan light styles. The lights are cheap and look nice. They add a natural chic to your home with you spending too much.

Ikea Rattan Light

The most popular rattan light fixture from IKEA is the Sinnerlig. It’s not rattan but bamboo. However, it has the same natural texture and shape as many rattan pendant lights. The bamboo fibers of the Simmerlig fixture are woven into a grid-like pattern that spreads a decorative pattern of light onto the surrounding walls.

rattan-like pendant light from IKEA is the Lergryn

Another rattan-like pendant light from IKEA is the Lergryn. This is an example of a light that looks like rattan, but it is polystyrene. Although this material is man-made, it still has a beautiful, organic-textured look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Should I Clean Rattan Lights?

The easiest and most effective way to clean a rattan light is to vacuum it. If you do not have a vacuum, you can clean it by dusting it. First, turn off the light and remove the bulb. Next, dampen a cloth, and work your way around the light at a slow pace. Last, dust the bulb and then reattach.

Are Rattan Lights Going Out Of Style?

Rattan lights have been popular for decades. They are beautiful, versatile, and cheap. Also, as people spend more time indoors, texture, and warmth have become important style elements. Rattan lights add these elements in abundance.

What Styles Does A Rattan Light Complement?

Rattan lights work best with bohemian, coastal, and Scandinavian styles. However, rattan lights work very well with other styles including farmhouse, modern, eclectic, and transitional.

How Do I Add A Rattan Light To My Existing Room?

Consider the room where you want to add a rattan light. They work well in spaces that are clean and simple, so you might consider repainting the room with a neutral color. Also, if you want a large rattan pendant, you may want to remove some of the decorative items in the room.

Large pendants are statement pieces and work well with simple designs. Once you have added your light, echo the rattan light with other natural fiber accents like a rug and baskets.

What Size Rattan Light Should I Get?

Consider the room where you are hanging the rattan light and how many lights you want to use. As a general rule for ambient lighting, measure the length and width of the room. Then, add those numbers together.

The number will tell you the diameter of the light fixture that is correct for the room. If you are going to place the pendant light in the dining room, make sure that the diameter of the pendant or pendants roughly equals ⅔ to ¾ the table’s width or diameter.

Lights in the dining room need to hang between 30”-36” inches above the dining table. If you want pendant lights over an island, make sure that these are spaced 24”-30” apart.

Rattan Light Conclusion

Rattan lights are beloved by designers and home decorators alike. They have been part of home design for decades and their appeal continues into the current era. If anything, they have become more popular and more versatile as lighting companies have embraced their popularity.

They have developed some inspired styles with a gorgeous appeal. Using rattan lights, you can create a timeless look with layered texture and organic appeal in your own home.

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