Stone Siding Guide: Common Types and How to Add it to Your Home
Stone Siding Guide: Common Types and How to Add it to Your Home
May 24, 2024 6:33 PM

Stone siding is one of the best choices for a natural or rustic home exterior. You can use it on your entire house or add it as an accent to boost your curb appeal.

stone siding

But as beautiful as it is, stone siding comes at a cost. Unfortunately, it’s one of the more expensive choices, so before you shell out your money, make sure you understand the pros and cons of each type.

Here are the different types of stone siding and other information you should know.

Will Stone Siding Add Value to Your Home?

If you’re worried about the resale value of your home, it’s important to consider the benefit of your home improvement projects. Fortunately, in most cases, adding natural stone siding or stone veneer will add value to your home.

A 2022 Cost and Value report estimate that installing a continuous portion of manufactured stone veneer at the bottom of your home’s exterior is one of the top improvements for resale value. You can expect to recoup about 91.4% of your investment – with the average installation cost of $11,066 and a boost in home sales price by $10,109.

Of course, different markets command different prices, so while you can use this as an estimate, you may recoup more or less depending on where you live. The value-add of your project will also depend on the material you use.

4 Most Common Types of Stone Siding

Although most stone siding is beautiful, it’s not all created equal. There are four common types of stone siding, each with its own pros and cons.

Here’s a look.

Natural Stone Siding

Natural Stone Siding

As the name suggests, natural stone siding is real stone. Builders have used it for centuries. It’s incredibly durable, beautiful, and comes in many types. At a bare minimum, this siding lasts 25 years but can last for hundreds of years when installed correctly.

But as durable and beautiful as natural stone siding is, there are some serious drawbacks.

This type of siding is extremely heavy, making shipping and labor costs very high. If you want to clad your home in natural stone, expect to shell out tens of thousands of dollars.

Pros of natural stone siding:

Durable – will last a lifetimeAdds Unique BeautyLow maintenance

Cons of natural stone siding:

Very expensiveHeavy/hard to install and shipSlow installation

Stone Veneer Siding (Cultured/Faux/Real)

stone siding

Stone veneer is a faux stone siding that emulates the real thing. It’s a mixture of cement, aggregates, and iron oxides that are put into a mold to resemble natural stone.

Stone veneer panels are among the easiest to install. These panels usually click together like puzzle pieces.

But, you can also find stone veneer in individual pieces. The benefit of using smaller pieces is that you can be very picky with the layout. The downside is that installation is more tedious.

Stone veneer is less expensive and easier to install than natural stone. It’s generally an accent on homes rather than the entire siding.

It’s also important to note that some stone veneer siding is natural stone. On these, the stone is cut down and applied to panels, so they’re much more lightweight than a traditional stone siding product.

Pros of stone veneer siding:

The look of stone at a fraction of the costLightweightEasy to install

Cons of stone veneer siding:

Prone to fading over timeMore expensive than vinylImproper installation will cause moisture problems

Faux Stone Siding (Foam Panels)

Faux Stone Siding (Foam Panels)

If you’re looking for the cheapest and easiest type of stone siding, it’s faux stone foam panels.

These panels are a lightweight polyurethane foam with a plastic coating on the top. For what they are, they look very realistic and can help you update your home’s exterior on a budget.

Since these come in lightweight panels, they’re quick and easy to install. You can use them on your home’s interior or exterior.

For installation, you can cut these panels to size and attach them with construction adhesive rather than mortar and grout.

Pros of faux stone siding:

InexpensiveLightweightEasy to install

Cons of faux stone siding:

Not as realistic looking as other optionsLess durability

Natural Stone Cladding

Natural Stone Cladding

Natural stone cladding is a real stone cut into small pieces and applied to a home’s exterior like brick veneer. Some homeowners refer to stone cladding as stacked stone.

Natural stone cladding is best as an accent on your home’s exterior. It’s most often derived from marble, granite, and quartz, so you’ll need to reseal it regularly to keep it in good shape.

Pros of natural stone cladding:

Lighter weight than solid stoneDurable Easier to install versus solid stone

Cons of natural stone cladding:

Poor selection at most home improvement storesOften made of porous stone like marble, granite, or quartzite

What is the Cheapest Stone Siding?

The cheapest stone-look siding is faux stone high-density polyurethane foam panels. These are often confused with stone vinyl siding and are inexpensive and easy to install.

If you’re looking for a stone siding that looks authentic but doesn’t cost a fortune, try a faux stone veneer. This type of siding is a mixture of aggregates and concrete that mimic the texture of natural stone. And it looks like the real thing.

While cultured stone veneer isn’t cheap, it is less expensive than natural stone. You can expect to pay from $8 to $25 per square foot, not including installation.

How Long Does Stone Siding Last?

One of the most important considerations when choosing between stone siding is how long it will last. Generally speaking, stone siding is one of the more durable options and lasts a very long time.

Here’s a rundown of how long to expect different types of stone siding to last:

Natural Stone Siding – 20 – 100+ yearsFaux Stone Veneer Siding – 20-75 yearsFaux Stone Foam Panels- 20-50 yearsNatural Stone Cladding – 20-75 years

If you want to extend the life of your siding, it’s essential to keep up with maintenance. There will be virtually no maintenance for cultured veneer and faux stone polyurethane panels. However, for natural stone and cladding, you may need to add a sealant every 1-5 years.

Stone Siding Exterior Ideas

If you’re ready to boost your curb appeal but aren’t sure how here are some of the most popular stone siding exterior ideas.

Use Stone at the Bottom Front of Your Home

stone sidingPhoto by Amanda Smith

Adding stone siding to the bottom portion of your home facing the road is one of the quickest ways to boost curb appeal.

Not only does this layout add resale value, but it’s also an expensive way to incorporate stone and looks great against vinyl siding.

Side Your Entire Home in Stone

stone sidingPhoto by DaYsO

If you want a siding that will stand the test of time and look classically beautiful, side your entire house with stone.

The downside to this idea is that it’s costly. But, if it’s in the budget, doing so will add value and curb appeal to your home.

Put Stone Cladding on the Bottom of Columns

Put Stone Cladding on the Bottom of ColumnsPhoto by Binyamin Mellish

Another easy siding project is to add stone to the bottom columns on your porch. You can use natural stone cladding or stone veneer.

If you’d like, you can carry the look by incorporating it on the lower third of your home or adding accents to your garage.

Install Stone Panels on Your Garage

stone sidingPhoto by Curtis Adams

If your garage faces the road like this, you can boost curb appeal by installing a complementing stone.

The stone looks great against the other materials and will bring a layer of texture to your home’s exterior design.

Accent Sparingly

Accent SparinglyPhoto by Binyamin Mellish

If your home has a unique design, create your own accents. On this house, the homeowners added a touch of stone to the front porch exterior walls and then brought it to the front of the house as an accent on a flower box.

If you don’t want to put stone directly on your home, adding it to a built-in flower box is a bright idea.

Popular Stone Siding Brands

With stone siding being so popular, you can get it at almost any major home improvement store. However, many independently run stores also carry it, so check around.

Here are a few of the most popular stone siding brands:

Versetta Stone Siding – Versetta stone manufacturers mortarless stone veneer panels that are seamless and easy to install.

Atlas Stone Siding – Atlas manufactures composite stone siding that is beautiful and virtually maintenance-free.

Texas Stone Designs, Inc. – Texas Stone Designs, Inc. is a manufacturer of stone veneers. They carry several types of faux stone veneer with different variations and colors to choose from within each type.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can you use stone veneer outside?

Yes, you can use stone veneer outside. When shopping for stone veneer siding, look for options for exterior use. These will be lower maintenance and better able to withstand the elements.

Is stone veneer siding good for an exterior?

If you have vinyl siding, adding a stone veneer accent on the front of your home is one of the top improvements for resale value. You can expect to recoup over 91% of the cost when you add stone veneer.

Is Faux stone siding waterproof?

When installed properly, faux stone veneer siding is completely waterproof. This is true for manufactured stone veneer as well as foam and polyurethane stone siding panels.

Final Thoughts

Stone siding adds classic beauty to just about any home. In fact, adding a stone accent to the front of your house is one of the top exterior improvements you can make.

And luckily, when it comes to stone siding, you have many options. If natural stone is out of your budget or too heavy for your project, consider a faux stone veneer or stone cladding. For an easy-to-install and less expensive option, go with faux stone foam panels.

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