Ultra Fashionable Modular Lighting System
Ultra Fashionable Modular Lighting System
Jun 19, 2024 4:11 AM

Are you looking for a lighting system that enhances the look of the room? Do you wish to introduce something unique and different from the traditional lights? Well, if yes, then the sparks modular lighting system byDaniel Becker would be ideal selection. The system comprises of three modules made out of aluminum tubes. Each module can be rotated freely to create a 3 dimension figure. As a result, the lightning system can be used virtually on every size of wall or ceiling. In addition, Low energy Led lamps are used inside frosted glass cones to make the system energy efficient.

Ultra Fashionable Modular Lighting System 2

This lighting system seems to have been inspired by nature. It looks like tree branches, in a modern approach. So it could look very artistic in modern home. But the most interesting detail is the fact that this lighting system is very flexible, allowing you to form any shape and design you want, place it anywhere you want. It’s a very clever innovation that keeps a lot of people busy. It’s fun and this way you’ll never get bored of this piece. You can change the appearance of a room just by using this thing. It’s a great way of decorating your home. And this is more than a decoration, it’s an actual lighting system that will be very functional anywhere you place it. The possibilities are endless.

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