Victorian-Styled Nurseries: Ideas & Inspiration
Victorian-Styled Nurseries: Ideas & Inspiration
May 24, 2024 6:39 PM

The perfect style nursery for that new bundle of joy …. may be …. Victorian! If you’ve screamed “it’s a girl,” then you need to treat your little princess like the princess she is. Victorian-styled nurseries are fun to decorate and fun to think about! And there is so, so much you can do with the theme!

Nursery room victorian

Victorian-styled nurseries can be frilly, grandiose and extremely stimulating to your baby girl’s eyes, which is a plus of course! Ruffles, sparkles, golds and creams, swirls and lush flowers …. it’s all part of the old-age era. Take a trip back in time to create something magical for your little one! They’re elegant and pretty, extravagant and cultured … but most importantly … mom and dad get to have fun putting it all together!

1. Decide on a color scheme!

Nursery room victorian

First things first, pick your colors. The most popular color for a Victorian nursery would have to be all shades of pink (minus fuchsias, mangentas or any deep pinks)… blush pink … powdered pink … bubblegum pink …. it doesn’t matter because pink works! Golds, ivories and creams work well also. But in reality, you can build your theme around any color. So if you’d like to have like baby blues, lilacs, golden yellows or soft mints, go for it! You can make it work by accessorizing and laying out the room.

2. Dressers, cribs, rocking chairs … and more! Pick the right furniture!

Nursery room victorian

This is where your shopping talents come in handy. Obviously first and foremost, be concerned about your baby’s safety and get a crib that goes by all regulations. But in terms of a rocking chair and dresser you can find some great, almost-authentic looking pieces by thrifting! Make sure your furniture has a hint of that vintage feeling so it helps complete the entire look of the room.

3. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize … and have fun doing it!

Nursery room victorian

Grab grandiose chandeliers (you may even find a baby mobile that looks quite similar to a chandelier), detailed swirl-curled frames, ribbons and bows. Placing a canopy over the crib can also help to convey the Victorian message.

4. Add flowers!

Nursery room victorianNursery room victorian

Flowers are also a popular detail in Victorian decor. Whether in the sheets or on the walls, flowers are feminine and can be o’ so adorable in a nursery! They bring about life and vibrancy to any surface … and let’s be honest … they’re pretty!

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