Cottagecore Living Room Ideas to Help You Embrace This Charming Trend
Cottagecore Living Room Ideas to Help You Embrace This Charming Trend
May 24, 2024 7:46 PM

Nowhere is the cottagecore aesthetic of comfort more visible than a cottagecore living room. After all, the living room is the best place to add cushy chairs that sit by the fireplace beside baskets full of spun wool just waiting to be knit into your next sweater.

Cottagecore Living RoomOwen Gale via House & Garden

In a broader sense, cottagecore living room designs are about more than just comfort. According to Fotor, cottagecore ideas highlight and romanticize farmhouse and rural design while emphasizing cozy living.

Cottagecore Living Room Ideas

One of the most wonderful things about cottagecore design is that it will look different for every person. Here is a springboard of ideas to help you develop your own unique take on the cottagecore living room design.

Light and Colorful Palette

Light and Colorful Color PaletteAmy Neunsinger

The interior of many historic cottages was bright and colorful. The foundation of the walls was often a lighter neutral (calmed with the addition of a pinch of black or gray) to counteract small cottage windows and gray skies.

Don’t worry that this will look boring. The addition of patterns and prints will provide all the visual interest you need. Think a background of dreamy neutrals with accents of deep green, blue, rose, and ochre.

If you are looking for a good background color, start by looking at the Historic Paint collection from Sherwin Williams. It is a great place to start looking for that perfect foundation color.

Layering Patterns and Textures

Layering Patterns and TexturesKate Jackson Design

Cottagecore living room design should feature many patterns that are layered together to create a look that is both unaffected and yet charming. Choose patterns like florals, plaids and stripes to use as throw pillows, upholstery, rugs, and curtains.

If you are wondering how to begin, choose patterns that share a similar color idea or choose pieces that contrast if you want a more exciting look. Vary the size of the patterns from small and delicate to larger and more bold.

Vary the textures throughout the room. Wooden textures like exposed beams and wood floors look amazing as part of cottagecore living room decor. Layer in cozy textures like furniture with velvet coverings, fluffy throw blankets, and plush wool rugs.

Celebrate Comfort

Celebrate ComfortJetton Construction, Inc.

We all dream of escaping to the country so that we will have more time to relax and reflect. Create this vibe in your cottagecore living room by adding cushy nooks for reading and working.

Add a window seat with plush cushions and pillows. Place baskets full of books, games, and puzzles near each seating area. Also, make sure to have small incidental tables at hand so that you can sit your cup of tea as you while away the pleasant hours.

Utilize Floral and Other Natural Motifs

Utilize Floral and Other Natural Motifs

Use floral themes throughout your space including fabrics, wall art, rugs, and wallpaper. Mix this up with other natural motifs like mushrooms and botanical prints of plants and birds.

Vintage and Antique Pieces

Vintage and Antique Pieces

Cottagecore design has a natural and simple style. You can find new distressed furniture that fits this vibe, or you can look for vintage or antique pieces. Scour your local antique markets and second hand stores for pieces that have just the right style for your needs. These will often be less expensive and a more sustainable purchase than brand new furniture.

Don’t just limit yourself to antique furniture. Look for dishware, decor and antique textiles to give your cottagecore living room a more authentic look.

Storage Ideas


A cottagecore aesthetic living room design is the perfect place to display your treasures. This might be your collection of vintage books, handmade pottery, or apothecary jars.

Use shelves or cabinets to show off your treasures for everyone to see. If you need storage for items that you don’t want to display, use vintage wooden boxes and chests that can double as side tables or foot rests.

Bring Nature Inside

Bring Nature InsideOrsman Construction

Think of all the ways that you can bring the natural world inside your home. Plant an herb garden on the window sill or display the choicest cut flowers and greenery from your garden. Don’t limit yourself to just fresh plants and flowers. Bouquets of dried flowers and herbs also fit the aesthetic of cottagecore design.

Eclectic Wall Art

Eclectic Wall ArtRikki Snyder

Wall art in cottagecore living rooms does not have to be expensive or precious. Display wall art that evokes a sense of place or use vibrant colors. You can never go wrong with using botanicals or landscapes in cottagecore living rooms. Vary the sizes of your wall art and display different shapes using plates and platters to give the walls more depth.

Cottagecore Living Room Designs

Here are some cottagecore living rooms featuring different versions of the style from refined to rustic.

English Cottagecore Living Room

Cottagecore Living RoomReal Homes

English cottage design features many of the same elements common in cottagecore design. This style layers patterns, prints and textures to create a look that is unstudied, comfortable, and welcoming. If you like this style of cottagecore design, look for furniture that features dark wood with barley twist legs. Bring in books and landscape wall art to complete the look.

Rustic Cottagecore Living Room

Rustic Cottagecore Living RoomHouse & Garden

If you prefer a more simple style, consider a rustic twist on cottagecore design. This rustic cottagecore living room has furniture with simple straight lines, rustic wood decor, and large checked fabrics. Display baskets of firewood to make the room look cozy and provide the design with a new texture.

Refined Cottagecore Living Room

Refined Cottagecore Living RoomV Fine Homes

Some cottagecore designs are a riot of colors and textures throughout, you can choose to be more restrained in your design. In this cottage style living room, V Fine Homes uses the elements of cottagecore design like floral fabrics, antique furniture, and botanical wall art, but they keep the style understated and elegant.

Colorful Cottagecore Living Room

Colorful Cottagecore Living RoomYorkshire Post

Some people cannot decide on their favorite colors. If you are one of these people, feel free to explore different color ideas in your cottage style living room. Rita Konig layers colors and textures in this living room to create a room that is as comfortable as it is beautiful. The dominant colors of the room are blue, pale green, and ochre with just a few hints of red.

Romantic Cottagecore Living Room

Romantic Cottagecore Living RoomColin Poole via Real Homes

If you have never met a floral print or a piece of curved furniture you didn’t like, the romantic cottagecore style is perfect for you. Layer floral fabrics and dress your windows with lacy curtains for an overt romantic look. Add some drama with rich velvets in deep jewel tones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What are the most common elements of a cottagecore interior design?

The most common elements are those that are related to the natural world as the connection with nature and cottagecore design is strong. The most common of these are floral and botanical prints in fabric, wallpaper, and wall arts.

How can I make my living room cottagecore on a budget?

It is important to know that you can start small with incorporating this design style into your home. Buy a few vintage pieces when you find good deals at antique shops and let the style grow over time. Another good idea is to use paint to help you achieve this look. Paint the walls a fresh new color. You can also use paint to distress your furniture and make it look like it belongs in a cottagecore room.

What makes a dark cottagecore living room design?

Dark cottagecore living rooms are a twist on standard cottagecore design. This means that rather than use light and whimsical decor, you might add deep and dramatic shades to contrast between light and dark tones. Dark cottagecore also means a focus on the weird and creepy aspects of nature and the spiritual world. Dark cottagecore has some similarities to Victorian Gothic in its love of the macabre.


Cottagecore design features elements that work well as a casual home style with a whimsical twist. Try some cottagecore design features in your own home living room using textured throws, bright floral cushions, a few pieces of vintage or distressed furniture, and baskets located in strategic locations throughout the room.

The best cottagecore living room design is one that you develop with patient care over time.

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