12 Backdrops to Make Your TV Accent Wall More Interesting
12 Backdrops to Make Your TV Accent Wall More Interesting
May 24, 2024 6:51 PM

When you’re trying to redesign the living area of your home, the last thing you’d think of is a TV accent wall. However, this is one of the best ways to improve the overall look of the whole room.

TV Accent Wall

You might think having a TV is enough style on its own. But these 12 attractive TV accent walls might change your mind.

What is a TV Accent Wall?

What is a TV Accent Wall?

One of the best features you can have in your home is a TV accent wall. It serves as a place to put your tv and all of its accessories. And it’s the focal point of your living room.

An accent wall can be a different color, texture, or material than the rest of the walls in the room. It’s where you mount the TV and decorate around it to draw attention the moment you enter the room.

Which wall should be the accent wall?

choosing an accent wall for your tv

It’s exciting to create a stylish focal point in a room. But which wall should you use as your TV accent wall?

You can use these tips to help you figure out which wall will make the best accent wall in the room.

The first wall you see when you walk into a room makes for the perfect accent wall. You want to put your focal point to the first place you look at naturally when entering the area.A natural wall to accent will have a fireplace, built-in bookshelf, or other architectural features.The wall you usually face is a good wall to accent. Go with a fairly open wall rather than one that is behind lots of furniture or wall decorations. A symmetrical wall is typically better than a wall with windows of various sizes, slopes, and odd niches.

How to Decorate The Wall Behind The TV

decorate behind the tv wall

There are no rules around styling the wall behind your TV. And it doesn’t matter if your TV is mounted or not. You can use various styles and decor around your TV, from family pictures and artwork to plants and candles.

Decor you can use to dress up your TV wall include:

FurnitureLive plantsAdd shelvingBlack and white photo displayPlace small items below the TV.Use colorful decor in your built-in fireplace and bookshelves.

The possibilities are endless for decorating behind, around, and below your TV.

How To Hide Cords On-Wall-Mounted TV

How To Hide Cords On-Wall-Mounted TV

Cutting into your walls to hide your TV cables can be a hassle. So, here are some ideas to help you conceal your cords on your wall-mounted TV.

Attach cord clips to the TV stand to hold and disguise the cords. Use zip ties to hold the cords and keep them from touching the floor.A cable management box covers your power strip, easily keeping the messy cords out of sight.Use a wall cord raceway kit to disguise the cords hanging down the wall. A baseboard raceway will hide the cords running along the wall.

There are several cord concealing ideas and products you can get online to hide those messy TV cords and make the space clean and tidy.

Unique TV Accent Wall Ideas

Transforming the wall behind your TV can be rewarding and take your room to the next level. Let these cool TV accent wall ideas inspire you to turn your TV wall up a notch.

Wallpaper Accent Wall

Mounted Wall Tv with Black modern Wallpaper

What is the easiest wall decor solution with the most possibilities? Wallpaper. Choose a pattern and color that fits your home and install it on the your accent wall behind your tv.

TV Wall Mount on Tile

accent wall with a TV

You might make many of your TV accent wall choices based on durability rather than looks. This is where tile comes into play. If you have a fireplace, a tiled wall can make your TV wall mount seem like it should be there.

Metal Accent Wall Design

Wave wall and floating shelves for the TV wall

One aspect about modern decor that is so unique is the ability to take different materials and made them fit into your decor in a sophisticated way. A metal wall, for instance, is the perfect option for giving some life to your entertainment wall while keeping things on the chic side.

Go Purple

Painting the bright wall with poppu color

Maybe you’re sharing your minimal home with some young kids and you want to keep things family-friendly. Paint the wall behind your mounted TV in a bright poppy color that will catch your eye. No other artwork is needed.

Seagrass TV Wall

Modern living room with an amazing sea view

When you live near a body of water, nature can’t help but creep into your decor. Seagrass is a beautiful natural fiber to decorate with and it looks incredibly lovely as a wall covering. Put it behind your mounted TV to help that black box blend in with the rest of your sandy shades.

Textured Concrete Living Room Accent Wall

Black background living room TV

If you asked almost any designer of modern homes, they would probably tell you that concrete is the answer for just about everything in modern decor. Cover your wall in a thin layer of concrete and mount your TV on top for a beautifully textured effect.

White Brick TV Wall

Black background living room TV

Your home doesn’t have to be modern to be minimal. Mounting your TV on a white brick wall will give you all the interest and texture you need while staying warm and cozy in your living room.

Rustic Wood Plank Wall

Black background living room TV

For the country home, you’ll want to think wood and rustic for your TV’s background. Whether you hire someone or do it yourself, a plank wall behind your TV will give you that rustic charm you’ve been looking for.

Contemporary Marble

Black background living room TV

Or we can go mostly contemporary and a little bit modern with a marble accent wall. Then no matter what the colors are in your home or how often you change them, your mounted TV will always match.

Mounted TV on Lighted Panels

Black background living room TV

For family rooms and basements, places where you want more of an entertainment wall, mount your TV on top of lighted panels. You’ll get a fun eye-catching effect when you’re done.

Layered Wall With Dual Textures and Shades

Luxury living room with mosaic wall

Of course you aren’t stuck with only one texture and one color per mounted TV. Layer your mounted TV on dual textures and shades. You’ll double your space’s interest without having to hang one single picture.

Black TV Accent Wall

Black accent wall in living room with TV

How do you reconcile owning a mounted TV and making the ugly black box disappear altogether? You paint the wall behind it black. Suddenly your TV blends in and you notice everything around it instead of the box itself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Are accent walls out?

Accent walls by themselves are fading in popularity. However, an accent wall with complementary decorations and furniture that ties the whole room together is trending.

Instead of painting an accent wall, a good idea is to use easy to remove wallpaper that you can easily replace and change.

Should the accent wall have a TV?

Putting your TV on the accent wall is an excellent idea because you can either camouflage the TV with a gray or black background. Or you can showcase the TV with a bright, neutral, or patterned background to make it stand out.

How to choose an accent wall color

Choosing the color for your accent wall is a great way to get creative with your space. The critical thing to remember is to balance the colors in the room. If you’re going for a simple approach, sticking with a neutral color will create a calm and serene space. Whereas going with a bright, bold color will create an exciting environment.

You also want your colors to match your decor accents and the furniture in the room. You can transform your accent wall with lighting, wood, shelves, or even a cabinet to hide your TV completely.

Is mounting your TV worth it?

Mounting your TV saves a lot of space. And especially if you have limited space, you don’t have to worry about fitting the TV into an area, as long as your wall is big enough. Mounting your TV also allows you to choose the height to place your TV.

Can you mount a 100 pound TV?

Yes, you can use specific mounts designed to hold a TV 100 pounds and heavier. It’s a good idea to double-check the specifications to ensure the mount you purchase can support the weight of your TV. But you can buy them from most online retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

What is the best color to put behind a TV?

Dark colors are popular to use behind your TV because it provides a theatrical experience while you’re watching TV. Overall, darker colors behind the TV provide a more immersive experience by making your TV brighter and more vivid.

Create a Stylish TV Accent Wall

Your TV accent wall is one of the most accessible places to decorate and draw attention to. Use these ideas to get creative decorating your TV wall and transform your living area.

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